How does it work and how long does it take?

Search what you are looking for (ex: man, woman with kid, Christmas, etc). Choose an illustration, upload a picture of your face/s and place any special request on "special instructions for seller" at check out. I will prepare your custom illustration and send a printable digital high resolution JPG file to your email. I can prepare your unique illustration in 3 to 5 days.


Can I ask to modify the drawing, the style or add text?

My drawings are HAND MADE drawn and painted illustrations with a unique style. It mean that heads are bigger than normal or that face and hair could look like cut with a scissor (depending on the picture), bodies and faces are black and white or colors and lines might not be perfect. This is part of the unique style of my work and won't modify it, sorry.

However, you can ask me for some color or clothes changes, flip the image, to add a logo to a shirt or simple line background or small detail with no extra charge. You can also add any text to your illustration for free. Let me know on "special instructions for seller" at check out.


Can I ask you for a special illustration that is not listed?

Sure!I would love to work on a unique project for you. Email me and we will talk about it. Prices will be very similar to those listed.


What kind of file do you send? How can I print it?

The file is a JPG 600ppi 2480px x 1748px to print 8.3' x 5.8' or A5 format that can be also printed up to 8.3' x 11.7' or A4 format without losing quality ("adjust to file"). You can print it at home or with a professional printer. I suggest to use a thick good quality paper. Please consider that colors shown on the computer might not result as the exact ones printed. That's why it is better to get a professional printing.


Can you print for me?

My work is sent as a digital file to your email because it is the fastest way for you to have it. However, if you don't mind about postal service time, I can offer a A5 size laser print (8.3' x 5.8') on watercolor paper. Consider an extra price of 17€ for printing, packaging and shipping with regular French tracking postal service. I will send a separate invoice for this service to be payed with credit card by Paypal.


How many pictures can I send to you?

You can send up to 3 photos per face, I will choose the best one.


What should the pictures look like?

Photos must be GOOD QUALITY, portrait kind. If you need to send more than one face, please send them as separate files (if the face on the picture is small or "far away", it is not possible to make a good definition contrast with it). Anyway, I will check the files and let you now if I need more pictures that you can send by email.


Can I share the illustration you have made for me?

I will be very happy to see that you share your illustration on your personal accounts on instagram (#invisible_friends), facebook, pinterest or any other social media, but I ask you to please tag or credit my brand. 

The illustration you've bought is for personal use only. Please, respect my independent work and do not copy or use it for commercial use without my permission.